A) New products: ISATIS dental

Flyer: ISATIS dental / Cleaning Powder, Micro-Clean, Mouth Wash

  • ISATIS tinctorium, the woad
  • Dental care yesterday and today
  • Our 100% nature concept: Back to the roots
  • Sustainable through opal glass packaging and refill size 

a) cleaning powder: For daily tooth cleaning
b) micro-clean: For the development of a healthy oral flora
c) mouth wash: mouthwash

--> Available from 12th of February 2020 onwards.

B) Pressemeldungen (Exzerpt)

C) Image film: Martina Gebhardt in 126 seconds

Have a deeper dive into the world of natural cosmetics...
- What makes Martina Gebhardt natural cosmetics so unique?
- Why they are different from others?
- What is the philosophy behind?

The entertaining video gives an insight into the world of natural cosmetics, allows a look behind the monastery walls and shows how natural cosmetics - in the house of Martina Gebhardt - are created.
- Further information: