100% of our products are Demeter-certified

The international organic products brand Demeter is represented on every continent. Worldwide sales of Demeter products are estimated at 220 million euros. This association focuses on people and their needs while keeping the ecological, economic and social responsibility in mind. At the moment, Demeter International has 18 members and 5 guest members from Europe, Asia, America, Africa and New Zealand. It represents around 5,000 producers and growers with more than 170,000 ha acreage. Fair prices and social commitment are important issues for the Demeter association. 

Demeter is not only about farming in harmony with nature but also with the entire cosmos. The course of the stars, the sun and the moon are taken into account during planting, harvest and production. Paracelsus, Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, as well as Rudolf Steiner researched this in various forms and showed us how we can utilize these energetic phases. The effectiveness of this biodynamic farming approach has been confirmed by long term scientific research work (DOK test).

The Demeter guidelines for organic cosmetics stipulate that at least 66% of the ingredients must be products from certified Demeter farming. The remaining ingredients must be organic. Exceptions: water, minerals, salt and emulsifier. These guidelines are the strictest guidelines for food and cosmetics worldwide. We are the only natural cosmetics manufacturer in the world that offers 100% of Demeter quality products.